I'm Chels. I blog about science, art, tennis, and my adventures in journalism. Officially, I'm a Science Writer at Brookhaven National Lab and I blog for them, too. Unofficially, I'm pretty awesome.

Or, you know, owsome.

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At Battelle headquarters, I got to see the very first Xerox machine, invented by a patent clerk in the ’50s who was sick of manually copying his patent applications. The paper had to go through all three of these sections to be copied.

Chelsea’s pretty hot shit.
I was bragging about my Tumblr to someone and Lauren jumped in to legitimize my stance. Feeling pretty amazing right now.

Me and a neutrino detector. It’s really heavy!

One of the 86 photo multiplier tubes that make up the IceCube neutrino detector at the South Pole. These are lowered down 2 kilometer deep tunnels in the ice. My fingers are there for scale (I always imagined these being much smaller).

I have done a terrible thing. I have postulated a particle that cannot be detected.
Wolfgang Pauli, who first suggested the idea of the neutrino. He was a genius, but he was so wonderfully wrong.
Every second of your life, approximately one trillion neutrinos pass through your eyes.
Neutrino facts never cease to astound me.

Arctic rocks at the U.S. Polar Rock Repository

The U.S. Polar Rock Repository. All collected rocks from the poles are catalogued here.

The ice core freezer room has this nonchalant sign, which doesn’t accurately convey how crazy cold it was in there.

Just touched a 4000 year old piece of ice from Kilimanjaro.

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