I'm Chels. I blog about science, art, tennis, and my adventures in journalism. Officially, I'm a Science Writer at Brookhaven National Lab and I blog for them, too. Unofficially, I'm pretty awesome.

Or, you know, owsome.

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New haircut. This is mostly a picture for my mom. She’d tell me to get my hair out of my eyes, but gawd maawwwwm, I like it that way. 

Cool, weird flowers at the Lab

My coworker, Kay, found this hidden record store in an industrial park near the Lab, so we took a field trip at lunch. I nabbed that Johnny Cash Bootleg Volume III.

Whenever I’m in New York and listening to music in my earbuds, I like to find someone walking to the beat, like somehow they’re listening to the same thing I am. I was in Astoria Park over the weekend, and I was listening to this, and just as it really hit its stride, an old man walked by to the beat with one of those toy dogs on a leash making time to the guitar and I felt like I was in some kind of a movie. 

Crazy looking vacuum chamber

Just some valves I liked

Rows and rows of magnets at the National Synchrotron Light Source

I will never get over the beauty of the RHIC tunnel

Your digital camera is a subatomic particle detector. It detects photons.
Gene Van Buren, particle physicist, just making me grin.

Hangin’ out at the PHENIX detector this morning.

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