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They broke ground on this place 36 years ago and today we shut it down. Not a bad run for the first dedicated synchrotron light source in the world.

Scientists at their beamline for the last moments, watching our Lab Director on the live feed from the control room where they’re shutting down NSLS.

The monitor showing the last beam of light at NSLS

Final day of the light source. We’re starting up our new facility across the street, but I’m still gonna miss this old place.

Last light today

One of our scientists ran the last beams of synchrotron light through a fiber optic cable so we can see on a monitor when NSLS shuts off — or dumps beam — for the final time. I’m holding infrared light!

The last day at the National Synchrotron Light Source. We’re shutting down in a few hours.

I’m not a baller, as it turns out.
Nicole coming to terms with her lot in life. (She’s totally wrong, though.)

The best little family

Evidently this is Viking Lawn Chess, and it is so fun.

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