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Lake Trip, Day Three

It was a cool day, again, so we mostly stayed inside the cabin passing the time with crosswords and puzzles. We even got the atlas out at one point to learn the mountain ranges.

By the afternoon, we were all tired of waiting for the sun and antsy from being in the cabin, so we went down to the dock just to spite the clouds. We hung out in the boat for a bit and then said to hell with it we’re going swimming. As we hit the water, a huge rainstorm opened up above us. It was unreal swimming in the lake while the rain poured down around us. It was coming down so hard that it looked like the drops were coming up out of lake, instead of down onto it. While I was bobbing out there, my eyes were level with the water and the effect of all those raindrops bouncing up made the entire lake look like it had a blanket of mist just above the water line. It was an incredible sight, completely worth the cold dip in the lake.

We shivered our way back up the hill and spent most of the evening around the fire pit warming back up. The temperature dropped a bit and the water was pretty rough, but I slept on the boat again with Decan. He snuggled up under the covers and kept me warm while the lake tossed and turned beneath us.

Smiley face rock

The sun finally came out and it is glorious.

Morning on the boat with Decan Bear

Bloody Mary’s and Tarot readings

There’s a doge here!

Lake Trip, Day Two

We woke up to a cool, windy morning in the cabin. The lake was too rough for boating, but we tried our hardest to enjoy what there was of the sun. We hung out on the dock until the wind blew us back inside. And later, we walked down to the little rocky beach and jumped in for a few minutes. It was cold, but still refreshing. Something about this lake water is magical. Spend a minute in it, and any ailment will be fixed. At least it feels that way.

During the day, we passed the time with card games, Tarot readings, story telling, and lots of drinking. Around dinner time, a couple new friends joined us. I love weeks at the lake where friends come and go. New arrivals always reinvigorate the group.

We had a campfire, told hilarious tales, and cooked a big meal. That small kitchen choreography that happens when lots of people are working together in a tiny kitchen is so fun. We danced around, sang to the Beatles, and ended the night with that apple pie we made from the lake apples.

The cabin and tents and camper were all packed, so I slept down on the boat with Decan Bear. I fell asleep to the rocking of the boat, looking up at the stars, and snuggling with a warm dogbear. It was absolute heaven.

Last night after tequila shots

  • Chels: Charlie! Come look at this inch worm!
  • Charlie: Whoa. That thing is huge! Is it just an inch worm?
  • Chels: Well, it's more like a two-inch worm, I guess.
  • Charlie: The way it moves, they should really call it a pinch worm. Cause it looks like someone is pinching it in the middle.
  • Chels: That's brilliant.

Apple pie with Redhots

Last night we found an apple tree by the dock so we picked a bunch for pie tonight. #lakedayz

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