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First teeny tiny sign of Autumn

The Cosmotron magnet inscription

One of the 288 magnet blocks that made up the old Cosmotron at Brookhaven.

In timeout. Naughty chairs. Kept sneaking away.

A Rube Goldberg machine powered (mostly) by light! (via carlfranzen)

Basically every day at my job, this is what I’m thinking

It has been one hundred and forty one years since James Clerk Maxwell proposed the idea of the electromagnetic spectrum in his 1873 Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism and still — still! — there is not ONE non-ugly, completely understandable visualization of the spectrum and its wavelengths. Either it’s gorgeous and too full of information, or it’s simple and hideous. We live in the era of visual communication. SOMEONE OUT THERE: PLEASE FIX THIS. 

(If I have somehow missed a lovely and clear electromagnetic spectrum graphic, please point me to it. I’m looking at you, jtotheizzoe.)

Here comes your childhood.

Nicole, as she pushed play on Paula Poundstone’s 1990 San Francisco show. I haven’t smiled so big in a while. I remember so many of the bits: the Whole Box of Pop Tarts, the Left Side of the Plane, and of course, the Snickers routine. “Along about noon, when your appetite’s, uh, pokin’ atcha, pokin’ atcha…” Also, her crowd work is some of the funniest I’ve ever seen. 

Also also, can we have a year in the fashion industry where we celebrate Paula Poundstone? Poofy sleeves and oversized ties and vests and mom jeans? Because it’s hilarious and perfect. I declare 2015 the year of the Poundstone look. Get Armani on the phone. 

The light from the sunset tonight is so warm and pink, I just had to take a selfie in the CVS parking lot. Got a lotta strange looks.

I thought our summer flowers were pretty much done, but our back deck still has some gorgeous stuff going on.

I endured so many stinky kisses to get this shot with Beetle. Not quite worth it.

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