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What’s the grossest thing you did yesterday? Bet I can beat that. 

Charlotte and I were hanging out on the back porch, just enjoying the last of the evening sun, when Decan came over into the yard with that dead rat in his mouth. Charlotte started screaming like a maniac and Decan dropped it. She says she heard herself screaming before she even knew what she was screaming about. 

And then. 

Then we had to deal with it. I was super grossed out about having to man the shovel, but Charlie got the hoe and helped me scoop it into the trash can. My first instinct was to toss it over the fence, but she stopped me from being an idiot. Through lots of squeals and gags and full-body shivers, we got it in the outside garbage bin. But then, we realized that we had just thrown it into an empty can and the trash pickup isn’t for another week, so we had to scoop it back out and at least put it in a bag so it wouldn’t decompose all over the garbage can. The thing smelled really bad, but rigor mortis hadn’t set in, so we guess it had only been dead a little while.

Then we had a conversation about where it could have come from. It didn’t really look like Decan had killed it - there were no puncture wounds or signs of struggle. Charlotte says she’s seen other rats smushed in the road and there are lots of creeks in the neighborhood, so I guess they’re around. Finally, we ended on this little conversation: 

Charlotte: Do you think it came into the yard for the compost bin?

Chels: I could see that. Remember Templeton? “Smorgasbord…”

Chels and Charlotte: “Orgasbord, orgasbord.” 

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