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Well, well, what have we here? I found this little guy wandering along the edge of the coffee table. Anyone know his name?

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  1. engelpewpew answered: willy! there you are!!!!
  2. 00thelizardking answered: master
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  4. bonjour-w answered: Chinese say:QuQu!haha~~
  5. chase-the-breeze answered: OMG OLIVIA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN
  6. luizberto answered: In Brazil, we call it grilo. It’s like the pet of penochio, but i don’t know the actual name.
  7. mark8n answered: Robery
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  9. recordofmytroubles answered: Jimmy Jim Jim
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  12. experience-magic answered: jumpyyyyyyy !!
  13. horatio-magellan-crunch answered: name him after NPH
  14. yayo-id answered: Birdy’Snack
  15. wildernicks answered: Roberto the Wanderer
  16. doinky said: Yes. Thats Bob.
  17. levityness answered: Im not sure why but all i could think of were Lost characters so… Claire, Charlie or Said
  18. justinemdunn answered: Jiminy? Whoever he is, he’s cute :)
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  20. imagineusnaked said: Winston Greenhill
  21. redcloud answered: Kwai Chang Caine
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  23. ahndumbniel answered: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  24. hellzy answered: jiminy cricket
  25. hippie-moon answered: Screech!
  26. theboyfromthebush answered: Jiminy :P
  27. preciou-s-thought-s answered: pedro
  28. december-eight said: Felix Atticus Odger
  29. trainshakes-thewindow answered: "hopper" (its’s the mean grasshoppers name in the movie ‘bugs life’) haha :p