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jamesnord: Forever and Ever, Amen - Randy Travis Cover A new One Take, because I don’t take myself very seriously and neither should you.  *for anyone new around here the idea is i cover a song and only record one take, results are questionable and can be found here

This is one of my favorite country songs and I love this take on it. I learned to love country music during what I refer to as my “Cowboy Summer” when I spent my days at the barn riding and tending horses, and my evenings taking drives through the country to sit in beautiful fields in the backs of trucks and talk and laugh and drink under the moon.  It’s been ten years since that summer, but every once in a while I turn the radio dial to the country station and I still know half the songs. I don’t know if that’s because good old country music never goes bad, or if the songs are just so similar they all feel the same. Either way, it’s a comforting feeling. And like this song, most country music reminds me of carefree days with my arm hanging out the window of a run-down truck and the wind in my hair, the smell of straw and sun in the air. 

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