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This is what happens when you drop your phone in the toilet. 

I feel like such an idiot right now, but thankfully I have Toph in my life, who suggested we get insurance on the phones. So I’m only out about half what it would cost to normally replace it. Still, with this and the hammock thing the other day, I’m feeling like a real moron lately. Get it together, Chels. 

(P.S. I already put it in a bag of rice for a day and a half. This is the improved version. Earlier the keys wouldn’t work and the battery got all hot. I tried all the internet-search-able remedies, folks. Believe me. It’s shot.)

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  2. bradhodges07 said: Bummer! I hate that when we do stupid human tricks, and who hasn’t been guilty of performing one at some point or the other? Glad you had insurance.
  3. cathedralsofthought said: I’m surprised that people still believe that the ‘bag of rice’ thing works. Rice doesn’t start absorbing water until 67*C. You’d be better off dismantling the phone and putting it on a radiator.
  4. doughhoebaker said: Shitty. The colors are pretty though. And now you have an excuse to get a new phone
  5. ebookmoonfeasts said: Take the back off, remove the battery and place in a sandwich bag of minute rice for at least five days. Video of it on YouTube.
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    Wow! That’s a nightmare!
  7. lynndsley said: turn it off, take the battery out, put everything in a bag of rice, leave the bag open. don’t take it out or turn the phone on for 24 hours
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