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Dinner With Daniel: A Q&A with ‘Batman’ and ‘Beetlejuice’ star Michael Keaton about Mister Rogers, fly-fishing, roles he turned down, and more - Grantland

The Grantland interview of Michael Keaton is one of the best I’ve read. Best interview. Best conversation with a famous person. Best look into a famously-private man’s head. 

The most intriguing part to me was that Keaton’s never seen any of the Batman movies. He’s seen his own, but never watched the others. Some part of me gets it, and some part of me goes, “WHAT?!” 

I have always loved him for being a fantastic actor and coming off as an intelligent guy who takes life with a wry smile and a huge grain of salt. If you love him, or even if you don’t, go ahead and read it. And stick with it until the final Proustian questionnaire. Silly questions out of context often elicit the best responses, and this is no exception. 

Also, I have GOT to get my hands on his fly fishing book. I am forever fascinated by fly fishing. I want to try it and I want to hear stories from people who love it. I hope I retire next to a river in Montana. 

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  1. girlslikegirls95 said: It’s awesome. I’m currently visiting in Montana <3 it’s gorgeous here.
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