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Or, you know, owsome.

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Trip. Planned. 

(Yes, I am insane. Yes, I am taking the long way. I DO WHAT I WANT.)

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    Holy shit thats a lot of traveling
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  4. heycassi said: It looks like you’ll be passing through Lubbock, TX! :D
  5. lenscapes said: awesome plan. do it. have fun crossing this off your list.
  6. kasols said: Visit me in Prescott, Az!
  7. papercanvas said: So awesome! But how could you not stop in new Orleans! :)
  8. lacabezadealex said: Hope you enjoy i always wanted to do that
  9. dawo35mm said: Really not going to set foot in California? I would like to say we were in the same state…
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  11. unversed7 said: good luck and have fun, manhattan is definately a place to be a for a while. comment back for a list of random things to see. not including the empire state building or b.s. like that.