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Snapshots from this evening:

  • Mike and Victoria, the folks I’m staying with, took me on a sunset horse ride. We strolled through corn and trotted down by the canal that’s been bringing water from Bear Lake over the mountains and down to these fields for over a century. Their dog, Magpie, a sweet little collie, followed us the whole way. We also saw deer laying in the corn, their ears just sticking up above the plants. Several families with two- and three-point bucks bounded away from us. The sun was setting behind the purple mountains and I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was to be in that place right at that moment. 
  • When I drove out to the store this evening to get water for tomorrow’s drive, I rolled the windows down and enjoyed the sharp, tangy smell of alfalfa. A small hawk flew down and kept pace with my car, just outside the open window on the passenger side. It was so close I thought it might swoop right in.
  • Milking the goat was super fun and super hard. She made it easy for us, spreading her legs and keeping still, but there’s an art to it that I can tell takes time to master.
  • On the way back from the store, it had gotten dark-ish and I was worried about finding my way to their unlit street, but then I remembered what the mountains looked like from the stop sign and I thought, “Gosh, it’d be nice to live somewhere where you can navigate using the mountains.”

It’s lovely here and I’ll be sad to go in the morning. 

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