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When I hit Fort Sumner, New Mexico, I’d been driving for 9 hours and I just had to stop the car and stand up for a minute. I saw a sign for Billy the Kid’s grave and I thought, “Yesssssssssss.” I knew nothing about the grave being stolen so many times, but okay, cool. I think it’s sort of hilarious how it’s locked down now. Also, it’s in the weirdest cemetery I’ve ever been to. It was a nearly empty lot with just two or three other graves and then in this big cage in the middle, there’s Billy the Kid’s grave. I did think it was really sort of sweet that there’s a second grave stone for him and his two friends entitled “Pals”. 

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  6. lovejannaland said: My parents & grandparents all lived in Ft Sumner. We used to gather for family reunions at the community center right by Billy’s grave. As kids, my cousins and I used to sneak off at night to go see him. Always thought it was cool, glad you do too.
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