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Or, you know, owsome.

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Last night in Austin was hands down the best night of the trip. We had a little meetup of some of my favorite bloggers (is there a word yet for a group of bloggers? like a snark of bloggers or something?) and it was as if my favorite corner of the internet came to life for an evening. I’ve known some of these guys for months and some for years, and it was a blast getting to talk with them in person. 

In person observations: Elizabeth has the best smile, Shane has the kindest eyes, Dieter's softspoken and just the nicest, and Joe has a good laugh. I hope this is just the beginning of many good times with these folks. 

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    A very enjoyable night with wonderful people!
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    Tumblr: Real Life Edition! So awesome to hang with these great bloggers and generally cool people. Enjoy the rest of...