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The signs of CERN

There are hilarious and somewhat inexplicable signs all over the CERN campus. Most are purely graphic, presumably because people here come from all over the world. The meaning behind many of these kept us guessing all week. Here are my faves: 

We saw this thing everywhere, and often it was on a fence between two buildings where really no one would ever go. I would like to think it means “Watch Out for Attack by Arrows,” but Justin’s guess is far more succinct: “Humans Here.” 

"Your Car Will Self-Destruct in 30 Seconds"

"If You Are Wearing A Bowler Hat, You May Jauntily Cross The Street"

"One Black Boot And One White Boot Are The Fashion Here"

"In France You May Travel 50km If The Buildings Are Black, 90km If The Buildings Are Painted Red, And 130km If You Are In A Spaceship" 

"There Shall Be No Cleaning In High Heels"

Man, I’m going to really miss this place.

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