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Picture of Les Horribles Cernettes, which is the very first photo to be published on the World Wide Web in 1992

Do you guys remember how just a few months ago this picture made the rounds and everyone was asking, why the hell was this this first photo on the Web? Well, I found out at CERN.

We spent an afternoon talking to Silvano da Gennaro, the Creative Director, who told us that in the early 90s, he had been working on the album cover for Les Horribles Cernettes. It’s a sixties doo-wop group that his wife sang in - they performed (and still do perform) songs with lyrics about physics. I guess at the time, his office was near Tim Berners-Lee’s and one day when Tim was walking by, he saw the picture on Silvano’s computer and asked if he could use it to test the image capabilities of his new project, the World Wide Web. The rest, as they say, is history. 

But Silvano was sort of adorable about it. He said, “We didn’t know we were making history. It was just a bit of fun.” It’s these kinds of stories that made my week awesome and kind of surreal.