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It’s one of those lazy Saturdays where I’m just cleaning my house and listening to some terrible Italian music that was popular when I was living in Siena in 2004. Man, this crap was playing in every shop, every restaurant, even in the Post Office. And somehow, no matter which piazza I found myself in, I could always hear some Tiziano Ferro playing from somewhere. Maybe it was pumped around town through the sewer system.

Even though it’s pretty awful music, it wiggled its way to a special place in my heart. First, listening to this garbage definitely helped me learn Italian (and somehow, I still remember most of the words). And second, every time I hear it, I’m transported back to a really great few months I spent living in one of the most beautiful little towns in all of Italy. 

Source: Spotify

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  1. wallofdis said: Oh, P.S. I learned Italian pronunciation from Giorgia!!
  2. notasysombras said: JaJaJa Ferro has an spectacular voice. But I can understand the situation that make you feel sick JaJaJa
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