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That right there is the Dark Energy Camera, one of the largest and highest-resolution cameras in the world. Amazing, right? I’ve been dying to write about dark energy for a while, because, well, it’s thought to make up almost 75% of our universe and we have very little idea about what it is exactly. 

It’s in the article, but if you’re curious, dark energy is basically this anti-gravity type of force that makes objects in the universe (planets, stars, galaxies) fly away from each other at an accelerating rate. Crazy.

Anyway, my most recent article is about this mega-camera built here at Fermilab that’s designed to take pictures that will tell us about the effects of dark energy. 

I also got to write a profile last week on Adam Riess, the guy who led the team that discovered this mystery stuff that’s filling our universe. The best part was that when I called to make an appointment to speak with him, this world-renowned astrophysicist just picked up his phone and was totally willing to spend a chunk of time talking to me right at that moment.

I love scientists. They’re always so happy to talk about their mind-blowing work.

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