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Not only did he have wisdom and genius, he had great style. Check out those saltwater sandals Einstein sported during his time out on Long Island. 

Though he spent some summers here (according to this great article from the Long Island Press) Einstein never visited Brookhaven Lab. But his presence is still felt in our work:  

The circular subterranean electro-magnetic corridor collider, known as RHIC (pronounced “Rick”) for short, “relies very essentially on Einstein’s theory of relativity,” says Berndt Mueller, BNL’s associate director for nuclear and particle physics, because it explores a non-linear strong force similar to gravity.  “If Einstein were alive today, I think he would be very fascinated by the results.”

Einstein’s theory of relativity really is the backbone of our work at RHIC. It’s right there in the name: the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Here’s hoping we’re doing Professor Einstein proud.

The details in the rest of the piece are just too good. Apparently, Einstein was a terrible sailor who manned a 17-foot boat dubbed Tinef - Yiddish for ‘junk’ - and had to be routinely rescued. He also annoyed his neighbors by playing the violin on his porch. And those sandals you see? He bought them from David Rothman (pictured above in the suit) at Rothman’s Department Store after some confusion about whether he was shopping for “sundials” or “sandals.” They’re a woman’s size 11. 

This is my favorite post I’ve made so far for the Brookhaven Lab Tumblr. The article on Einstein’s Long Island summers really is a fantastic read. Go check it out

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