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Norooz Pirooz

I wrote my Mom an email to wish her a Happy Persian New Year, because even though I don’t really care about New Year celebrations, I’m not a total jerk and I love my mom. Anyway, here’s what transpired: 

Chels: Norooz Pirooz! God, that’s fun to say.

Mom: Happy Norooz to you too, Chels. Do you know what Pirooz means?

Chels: I thought it meant happy, or good tidings, or something.

Mom: Pirooz means ‘victor’. When used in Norooz Pirooz it’s the equivalent of “Viva Norooz!”

Chels: Oh, I like that a lot! I want to walk around shouting it out. 

Last night I did just that in my house. “Pirooz, pirooz, pirooz!” I bet my upstairs neighbor thinks I’m insane.

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