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Rumor: Higgs boson found at the LHC 

There are a lot of stories floating around that the team at the Large Hadron Collider have found the missing particle, the Higgs boson. While I’m skeptical at best (because the info was posted as an anonymous comment on a physics blog and is supposedly from a leaked internal memo at CERN…and also because the only network reporting this not-yet-confirmed-news is FOX) I’m still letting myself be a little excited. I can’t wait to see if it’s true. 

If it is, one of the biggest mysteries of our generation will be solved.

PS: That link goes to a story on The Daily. The video is absolute crap in my opinion. First, no self-respecting physicist would call it “The God Particle.” Second, why is there an image of an astronaut gently touching a spaceship? Because that is a garbage video, that’s why. 

PPS: I was really pulling for the team at the CMS detector over the ATLAS guys, but I’ll take it either way. 

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