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My friend Andrew wrote a lovely piece for The Oregonian about a family who lost a child at Sandy Hook Elementary last winter. Along with everyone else in the country, I was completely at a loss for how to process that terrible day, but reading this certainly helped. It’s a beautiful tribute: 

Emilie was the oldest, with Madeline and Samantha following shortly after.

She was a reader. An artist. … Before she could talk or get people’s names down pat, Emilie always wanted to have something in her hand to draw.

"I can’t tell you how many times she got in trouble," Parker said laughing, on those nights he’d see her light was still on, reading past her bedtime.

Her family lived in Oregon for a while and they donated her books inscribed with her name to her favorite library there. It’s an important reminder that these families are still dealing with a fresh loss, and also that they’re finding ways to memorialize the youth and innocence we all lost that day. Take some time to read it and then hug your family tighter this evening. 

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