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Or, you know, owsome.

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I woke up this morning looking horrendous. Those dark circles under my eyes are peeking out from under a layer of concealer and foundation, so they’re much worse in real life. Also, I have puffy bags under my eyes and my neck has been hurting for weeks. And my stomach won’t stop churning. 

I seriously look 10 years older than usual. I didn’t get carded buying wine last night…first time that’s happened since I’ve been on Long Island. Stress will ruin your face, kiddos. Your sleep cycle, and then your face. 

I rolled over in bed this morning, groaned, and grabbed my phone to Google “debt ceiling deal.” The search was saved, I’ve done this so much the last few weeks. I’m seriously gonna vomit if this shutdown doesn’t end today. That, or I’m going to take it out on my painted pumpkins and just smash them in the driveway. Seems like that might feel good right about now. 

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  1. doinky said: You look fine. X relax
  2. silverback420 said: Sry don’t been to be a creep lol but you look mint! 😊
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