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Have you ever wondered how Tumblr was born? Wonder no more! We just uploaded some fresh footage to our “Make Your Move” series on innovative entrepreneurs. Let the founder of Tumblr, David Karp tell you himself how it all came together, what inspires him, and what’s next for Tumblr.

So this is how it all began. It sounds extreme to say Tumblr changed my life, but it did in a lot of ways. And here’s a nice look at the birth of this thing I love so much. 

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How Chipotle Made This Amazing Stop Motion Film (And Made Us Cry)

Willie Nelson + a Coldplay cover + Chipotle burritos = A heart-warming and heart-wrenching look at efforts to expand sustainable farming.

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This is beyond heartwarming. It builds to the greatest moment of triumph. It actually made me do this sort of audible grin. (Evidently, I don’t know what words mean anymore, because is that even possible? Whatever, just click play and you’ll see.)

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The Texas Tribune has a cool presentation of what could be an awfully boring story done another way. Here, they’re laying out the 31 ways Texans’ lives will change come Sept. 1, the date when most bills passed by the Legislature become law.

Every day in August, they add another square to the calendar with stories of people that will be affected by the laws and how they’ll be enforced. I’m not even from Texas and I think this is fascinating. Loving it, TT! 

A lot of people look at science journalism as a form that is not as critical as political journalism, but that’s not right. The vast majority of problems that the developing world will be facing in the future are science-related. I really think science journalism should be a push to hold people accountable, to take a more proactive role.
Mohammed Yahia, editor of Nature Middle East, on the growing role of science journalism in the region as countries like Qatar move to pour more and more money into science research projects and organisations. (via thepoliticalnotebook)

(via thepoliticalnotebook)



Short Form Blog created this great flyer to promote some of their favorite news Tumblrs. Honored to be among them!

Wow. Blushing to be mentioned in such great company. Thanks so much.

This should be, like, the very first thing handed to new Tumblr users. 

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