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First beach day of the year. I went with a scarf and fleece on, but it was warm enough to lounge in a T-shirt for a while. Angela and I had quite the day, and we even came across an enormous horseshoe crab shell. It feels like spring is finally here. 

Mini-Moments from Friendship Beach

Tonight at the beach I witnessed some really great moments:

  • A family was hanging out just kicking rocks and digging in the sand near the beach entrance. One of the little girls had gotten into Mom’s purse without anyone noticing and she was crouching down on her heels, holding a mirror up to her face, and smearing bright red lipstick all over her mouth. Her red, curly hair was waving in the wind and the whole look was so overly adult for a 6-year-old that I had to bite my lip to stop myself laughing at her cuteness. 
  • There are always people fishing in the Sound. I’m not sure what they catch, but it’s a popular activity at the beach near my house. Usually they’re older men with lots of gear. As I was walking down the beach, I saw two people at the waterline with poles and assumed they were an older guy and his son or something, but as I got closer, it turned out to be a young guy who’d brought his girlfriend down there for a date. He was patiently explaining to her how to throw out the line and read the water. It looked like the kind of evening that would charm me if I were on that date. 
  • Another set of young girls were on the beach with their mother and they found a live crab walking out of the water. They absolutely shrieked with delight. I remember being that way as a kid, and I still feel that crazy excitement at little things like that, but I don’t scream about it out loud anymore. I should remember to do that from time to time. 

Happy Sunday