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(This is what it looks like when you mess up your stand-up in front of experienced cameramen.)

I wrote a blog post for Medill’s Washington 2.0 about my experience covering politics with other members of the press, who more often than not, turned out to be helpful. Maybe it was because my sweaty face and lost look screamed “Help me!” Here’s an excerpt,

At the Capitol, cameramen who shoot dozens of standups a day were right there to press record if you needed them, or light your head with their fancy equipment so you didn’t have a huge shadow covering part of your face. At the White House, a ABC crewwoman named Vicki not only calmed my nerves as I set up my camera on a riser in the East Room (the order went: NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, Medill), but she also gave me a brief tour of the press offices in the West Wing. (Did you know the White House Briefing Room is on top of what was the White House swimming pool?)

This is David being adorable. His piece for the Medill blog is sweet and genuine and totally on point. For all of you who send me questions about how to be a reporter, this is a huge tip. Take help when people offer it. No one goes it alone.