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Farmer’s market beauties

Inspired by Mary (foodjoy.org), I’m grilling up some veggie skewers for lunch (Taken with Instagram)


Infographic: Making Sense of the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is the most important piece of legislation you’ve (probably) never heard of.  We collaborated with Dan Imhoff, the author of Food Fight 2012, and the designer Rosten Woo, to explore how this bill came into being, how it has shaped American agriculture, and how we can make it better. Dig in.

Absolutely the best and clearest explanation of the Farm Bill I’ve seen. This thing is a huge deal, and I have a feeling most people don’t pay attention to it. There’s an especially great changing graph that shows how farms have gotten larger since 1930 and also fewer in number, leaving smaller farms that are producing a variety of crops in the dust behind much bigger farms that produce just one crop. Go click through the infographic slides. They’re fantastic. 


How Chipotle Made This Amazing Stop Motion Film (And Made Us Cry)

Willie Nelson + a Coldplay cover + Chipotle burritos = A heart-warming and heart-wrenching look at efforts to expand sustainable farming.

(via Co. Design)

This is beyond heartwarming. It builds to the greatest moment of triumph. It actually made me do this sort of audible grin. (Evidently, I don’t know what words mean anymore, because is that even possible? Whatever, just click play and you’ll see.)

(via jtotheizzoe)