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This is one of my absolute favorite songs, but not really because of the song. I heard it the other day on the radio and started laugh/crying in the car because it brought back memories of me and my friend Keara when we worked at our awful office job in Boston. We sat across a cubicle wall from each other and had lots of little rituals to get through our day. For example, every day at 4:00 we would call out “BIEBER TIME!” and have our daily listen to some Biebs - mostly for our own fun, but partly to annoy everyone else around us. 

Anyway, one day I came in and I told her I had this song stuck in my head. It had been stuck there for weeks and she said, “Don’t you dare sing it out loud or it will never leave my head either.” So, of course, I sang it to her as loud as I could. And thus began our very own little rickroll-style meme. She’d send me an email with URGENT in the subject line and all it would say inside was MOTORIN’. Or I’d give her a link to a document for a meeting and it’d just be Sister Christian on Youtube. And then it’d be stuck in our heads for weeks again. 

So, here you go, Tumblr. Hope you’re singing it for days on end. I know I will be, and this time it’s perfect timing because I’m heading out on my road trip today. For the next 11 days I’ll be MOTORIN’ across the good ol’ U. S. of A.