I'm Chels. I blog about science, art, tennis, and my adventures in journalism. Officially, I'm a Science Writer at Brookhaven National Lab and I blog for them, too. Unofficially, I'm pretty awesome.

Or, you know, owsome.

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Just kickin’ back with a beer in the AWESOMEST BEER GLASS EVER. We’re starting a cool new series of public chats in bars featuring Brookhaven scientists. I can’t wait for the first one, next Tuesday. If you’re in the Long Island area, come hang out and talk to physicists who recreate the moments just after the Big Bang at our particle collider. It’s gonna be tons of fun. (I mean, I’ll be there, so it’ll be owsome.)  

I got a new face mask with charcoal in it and I didn’t realize it would look like I had worked in a coal mine all day until I put it on. This is definitely the creepiest of them all

Annoyed that it’s this Tuesday and not last Tuesday.
Annoyed that I’m not floating in a lake and smelling the pine trees.
Annoyed that I don’t have my Toph and my Charlie around.
Annoyed that work is hard.
Annoyed that I didn’t bring lunch.
Annoyed that there’s a coldness to the air that I’m not ready for.
Annoyed that I forgot my headphones for the second day in a row.

I’m at the airport killing time before my plane takes off, and I just found this picture in my Drafts folder, begging to be shared. On Friday, Jane gave me a flashlight with a Brookhaven logo on it and I spent 10 minutes just sitting in my cube making terrifying faces. 

I’m an adult.

I’ve gone back to the hair-in-my-eyes cut. Makes me feel like a jungle cat. I’m hiding in the grass, waiting to get you.

Creepville, USA. This is becoming a thing

It’s so cold in my cubicle that I’m huddling under a beach towel. Air conditioning is a lovely invention, but I shouldn’t have to remember to bring a sweater to work in August. This is my disappointed-and-wishing-I-were-outside face.

Whistle while you work.

I disappeared for a minute this afternoon.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a pile of drawings, paintings, and woodblock prints near the printer at work. I did some asking around and found out that they were made by a woman named Gertrude Quastler who lived at Brookhaven back in the 50s while her biologist husband worked here. Quastler was a fine artist and contributed to the revival of woodblock prints in the United States during the middle of the last century. 

She carved her first woodcut using scalpels left over from her husband’s anatomy classes (I love this detail of her story), and pieces of her work ultimately ended up in the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and lots of other places. 

When she died, her estate left some of her work to Brookhaven so now I’ve got a few pieces in my cubicle — that painting with the butterfly shapes and a woodblock print on rice paper of some caged birds. They really fancy the place up. 

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