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Or, you know, owsome.

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A miracle of epic proportion. We have both cat and dog on the same bed at once. They did this. I am dying of ill-contained joy.


This is the meme I’ve been waiting for. Majestic dirds forever.

So I showed Justin “dirds" and he spent time making the best damn whippet-vulture hybrids I’ve never even imagined. 

Moving (again)

Today I signed a lease for a new house. I’m moving in with Justy and Nicole and Icky, and I couldn’t be more excited. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a move. Usually I have this twinge of uncertainty whenever I box up my life and move it to a new place, but I don’t have any of that this time. We found a beautiful home not far from where I live now with lots of light and a bay window in the kitchen and a huge yard and a finished basement, and this afternoon we toasted over mimosas to our new life and our new house. 

I can’t wait to cook with Nicole and chat about the universe on lazy Sundays and listen to records and build a garden and come home to eventually find Siena and Icky snuggling together. I’m sure that last one will take a while, because Siena can’t handle even the slightest change in furniture at our current place, but still, I’m looking forward to all of it. 

Here’s to never having to pay for oil heating, and never having to visit a laundromat, and to daily laughter and kindness and a home full of friends. I just can’t wait to get there. 

What a stud.

Sunday afternoons are for snuggling puppies. (Taken with Instagram)

Hangin’ out with Justin’s dog, Icarus. He probably could jump high enough to touch the sun if you threw a Frisbee up there. (Taken with Instagram)