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I finally took some time to read Entertainment Weekly’s interview with the cast, writer, and director of The Princess Bride and it’s brilliant. I always loved that movie as a child (and an adult) and this look inside its making is such a treat. 

Some of the best bits: 

Carey Elwes on Andre the Giant: “I made him tell me his whole life story. He grew up in a little village in France. He couldn’t fit into the school bus even when he was 12 and the only person in the village who had a convertible who could drive him to school was Samuel Beckett.”

Also, evidently, Danny DeVito was up for the role of Vizzini but he wasn’t available. Nuts, eh?

Last one: Chris Sarandon says, “We played a lot of word games in the car on the way to the set, which always intimidated the hell out of me because Chris Guest was so good at them.”

Oh, just go read the damn thing. If you love the movie, you’ll love this article.