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Well, we figured out why the backyard still smelled like skunk a full day after we cleaned Decan. I guess he finally got one. This poor little guy was just back in the grass, gathering flies. 

We called Animal Control but they only come out for dead deer or roadway hazards. They said we had to bury it and they’ll come out a year later and get the skeleton. I guess 4H clubs use them to teach kids about anatomy. Which is cool, but that meant the gross work was up to us. After the rat incident, Charlie and I are getting pretty good at disposing of rodents. Toph has conveniently been out of town for both of these events.

I even made a little headstone and said a few words while we buried him (which made me feel like I was living in that episode of The Office where they had a funeral for a bird). I apologized for giving him the initials “M. F.” which, let’s be honest, do not stand for Mr. Fred or something nice like that. 

Anyhow, let’s hope this is the last of the Skunk Wars in the backyard. Hopefully the rest of them get the picture.